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Lyric Video Competition

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PRIZE 250$

Create the official lyric video for the new Ivan Dorn track “Love Could Be”

Ivan Dorn impressed the world with his groundbreaking CGI video for ‘Wasted’ by director Denys Shchukin

 We’re offering you the opportunity to be the creator of the next Ivan Dorn (Official Video) to go on his YouTube channel (nearly ¼ of a million followers) and win a cash prize of $250.

We are not looking for a video equaling the same budget as the Wasted CGI video above, but using your wildest imagination and creativity, we are throwing it out there to see what magic lurks in places we don’t know.

Using either the original mix of the song or Glaceo’s Glazed House Remix, we want you to create a LYRIC VIDEO. Do whatever you feel visually, ensuring it suits the melody and the lyrics.

When you’re done, you’ll send your video via WeTransfer to: Ivan Dorn and his team will be picking the winner who, in addition to the 250$ prize, will become one of our go-to lyric video persons for future songs. Deadline for submission of video entry: September 20. Every entry will be uploaded to a public official competition video playlist. And the winner will be announced at the latest three weeks after the deadline.”

Now you’re reading here, it means you’re possibly interested and wondering the nitty-gritty details. Follow this and you can’t go wrong:

Delivery: The video must be delivered in min resolution 1024p HD in the file format .mp4 or .mov or .mpg
Video codec (H. 264)
Audio bitrate: 256 kbps

There are some rules to keep things on a level.
– All animation, graphics and artwork used in the video must be created by you, except you can use the cover art of the song.
– No copyrighted images may be used in the video.
– The video may not breach YouTube’s guidelines or be offensive.
– There can be no sponsored brands featured in the videos.
– We reserve the right to reject any video at our own discretion.
– By participating in the competition, you grant us the exclusive right to upload the lyric video to the Internet, edit the video, include any part of it in compilations with other lyric videos. We are not obligated to keep the video on any platform after the announcement of a winner.

Download everything you need from here:
Lyric Video components

Here are a few videos with inspiration and submissions from brave participants in the competition. Can you do better? Give it a go!